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During this week, I am following a business 6-day sprint course for women entrepreneurs led by Marilynn Rose from Wealthy Women.
I am loving the course, especially because of the practical exercises and the high focus on mentality and mental health in business growth and approach. I feel most business courses work more on the metrics and KPI, and forget that most of someone’s behavior and how and why we do something depends on what it is in our minds.

One of the things we were asked to do was creating our own Manifesto for Business, something we would stand by in the next 20 years or so, for better and for worse, and that will be fuel of our efforts in reaching our goal.
I have never had to prepare such document, and laying it all out brought much needed clarity.

The last step of this exercise was publishing it, for public accountability. We were not aware of this last step – but here, I am, in all my propositions and vulnerability.
Comment, share, get inspired, and above all, What would be your Manifesto?

Manifesto for Business

You will not quit.

You may adjust, fix, ask for support and advice,
getting time-defined breaks, but you will not quit.

Every day you will make at least one step,
one action to bring yourself closer to your goal.

You will not quit.

Dear Gaia,

Today might be a good day or a hard day.

If it’s a good day, don’t be complacent, don’t rub it into others’ noses. Be humble and keep working on your goal. Celebrate the good days, alone, with the team that brought you there, with your loved ones, and keep them in mind as a measure of what you can achieve when you put your mind to something.

If it’s a hard day, be patient, don’t lash out at others, stay strong yet vulnerable, don’t shut down and keep it to yourself but discuss about concerns and issues with whom it may concern. Things will pass and they do it quicker when more heads are in the game to fix what is not working.

Since the 4th grade, you felt you were special. Maybe it’s true, maybe not, but for sure you are one of the more resilient, empathic, innovative, and compassionate people you’ve met. Use these skills in your favor, trust and have faith you will be always there for yourself especially when the shit hits the fan.

You wanted and want to have a meaningful life and create a legacy of something that is worthy of being called “a solution for social issues”. Keep your focus on this goal, this IS your destiny. Everything else you wrap your head into, is a distraction.

When people tell you something is not possible, just do it. Find a way to make it happen.
You have already proof that your impossible ideas where only too much ahead of time.
If someone else made it happen, so can you – have a team that adds to your vision.

Follow your gut with people and business situations. Again, so many times you knew right away if a situation would turn out good or bad, but you give second chances to everything and spend too much time in trying to find facts that support your rationale. Not everybody can be saved, and you definitely cannot save everybody.
For this, write down contracts, question everything, negotiate and investigate like your life depends on it – because in fact, it does. Your money, your time, your energy are your life, reserve them for what is worth of them.

Become a leader by example. Always be kind, always be open-minded, always be human, always be authentic and transparent, always be equal, and reserve the same respect to your collaborators.
If they don’t like this of you, let them go. Learn to base yourself on WHO you are and not on what you do, and be okay not to be liked or loved in the work environment.

Bottom line, BE the person Chloe (your newborn niece) will look up to and say “One day, I want to like her” – and help create the world where she can thrive, happily and with freedom of choices and knowledge.



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