I’m Gaia “flamingaia” Armellin. Through holistic design & self-improvement hacks, I help Social Enterprises design an impactful service & sustainable business without hiring a full-time consultancy team. My mission is supporting them in making the change they want to see in their community – and beyond.

I started as creative (art director, concepts and digital) and strategist for international advertising agencies around the globe. Because of the nature of my own process, I quickly moved towards UX and service design, business development and mentoring.
Although my client portfolio includes a variety of industries from this hybrid background (beauty, consumer products, oil & gas, food & beverage, automotive, fitness, education, non-profits, …), I chose the social sector because social change is my passion and my core.

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Every problem has a solution. My job is to dig deeper into the issues causing the problem (symptoms), and to find and work on its roots. Hence, I request full transparency and clarity between my clients and me throughout our relationship. I am extremely fond on feedback, so please feel free to let me know your thoughts in all frankness and respect.
Let’s leave sugar-coating in the bakery, okay? : )

My work should bring you higher value than what it costs; and when your work brings higher value to the society and the world around you, I will be happy to support you through the “1 Year For Good” Pro-Bono Program.

Work Ethic

“When you invest on others, you invest on yourself”

You are important to me. When we are working together, you are my priority. Therefore, I will be happy to accommodate your professional requests, and I am extremely considerate of your timing and budget. Is any of them tight? Let’s discuss a feasible solution within the timeframe, keeping in consideration your “Unique & Flexible Payment Option” too. I have been working since 2012 and I have built satisfying relationship with clients and collaborators because they know I am on their side.


Working with Gaia has been a very good experience, first of all because she has been very able to understand what I needed: when you have a project is very important to work with people that can realise exactly what you want – and you don’t know to want too. She is very serious, reliable and competent. Gaia performed an extraordinary job within the established time frame. Furthermore, working with her enthusiasm and her positive energy makes everything even more beautiful.


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