The First Day

Reflective Journal – Entry #1

  • Positive interaction with one man (bold man, 3rd time in the program)

  1. It is possible to have interactions with inmates that do not involve personal subjects.

  2. I learned that I don’t have to “fear” interacting with inmates because of lack of subjects. There’s always a way to bring it back to the professional reason why we’re there.

    I can be there for them instead than in my head.

  • Hard time getting Jeet to do something. Resistive, disruptive, clown that gets the other people to follow him.
    Cocky and charming, actually doesn’t face any task. My assumption is, he doesn’t want to fail.
    Is there fear? Is he insecure?

  1. Since I wasn’t able to get him involved, I thought I was a failure. Him not working with me is my “fear of failure” facing me.


Love him for him = be there for him, not for your own fears, for him.


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