Session: Personas

Reflective Journal – Entry #3

Morning lesson, 9 guys instead of 16. More manageable, even if we were less people (which might not be a good sign…).

  • For some unknown reasons, I started to loosen up: was the only volunteer, got more responsibilities, happy to be there and sharing knowledge and insights.


While working on building personas and storyboards, Jamal kept challenging me asking which was my persona and how I was developing the storyboard. 
I appreciated it a lot, maybe I should do the whole process with them to understand their side better.


I took the critique in a more constructive and honest way, not looking for appreciation but being there with him. 

  • Happy they came to me and asked things, they are getting familiar with me and they interact.

-> They are afraid, they need as much comfort as we do, probably more. And trust!!!

-> Best moment: Nate (who’s usually aloof and with an “I don’t care” attitude) goes up to Dylan and teach him the persona and storyboarding process. 
Happy and joy.


  • Loosen up, have FUN and teach

  • Give them space to grow and take and use the responsibility they can have.


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