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  • Learn UX with IDF! 2-Months FREE Membership!

    Learn UX with IDF! 2-Months FREE Membership!

    Happy Monday, Friends!!! I’m so excited! Design education is EXTREMELY costly so here I have this AMAZING give-away for you: 2 months off your chosen membership at the Interaction Design Foundation! If you don’t know what the IDF is, here a quick recap: The Interaction Design Foundation is an online institution whose mission is to…

  • Why I Hate Job Hunting
  • Designspiration for Social Change

    Designspiration for Social Change

    The need for Social Change and for a world more Human is impelling. Here some relevant articles, projects, talents, books and videos for inspiration and resource. Are you a Social Changer? Do you have a favorite designspiration of your own? Feel free to write me , I will be happy to spread the word. Articles…

  • Give Voice: Social Design @ MASE

    Give Voice: Social Design @ MASE

    So, that happened! I gave my first guest speech at Miami Ad School Europe in Hamburg *WOHOOP WOHOOP to one of my favorite cities!!*Topic: Design to Give Voice to people, and the Designer as Ambassador for causes. Most times the designers and creatives have powerful voices they use to share the word of the companies they…